For over 25 years, Dan Miller has applied cutting-edge technologies to help individuals move rapidly forward, both personally and professionally. A catalyst for change, he facilitates the shifts that improve how people interact at home or at work. In essence, Dan Miller inspires individuals to reach peak performance.

Whether you run a large company or are managing your day-to-day life, success lies in mastering the ability to manage change effectively, communicate authentically, and be conscious in how you embrace leadership. Dan helps you:

  • Draw inspiration from challenge and opportunity from crisis
  • Create vision and sustain momentum
  • Expand creativity and maximize your potential
  • Improve interpersonal interaction on all organizational levels

Using a systematic, proven approach, Dan will help you identify barriers to your success, select appropriate interventions for improvements, and teach you follow-up reinforcement strategies to help you sustain the progress you’ve made. Dan’s process cuts to the heart of an issue for deep and lasting transformation. He distills a wide range of theoretical approaches into innovative, results-based strategies to insure successful and lasting change.

Dan coached my organization, management team, and me though an extremely difficult business climate. Dan helped me stay centered on the purpose, improve my performance, and hone my leadership and collaborative abilities. Dan’s experience, processes, and inspiration provide a complete collection for building, developing, and strengthening the skills needed for today’s organizations to tap the genius of leaders.

Thomas Brotski, Potlatch Corporation, Brainerd, MN