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Constructive Confrontation

When managers, supervisors, and lead people do not provide corrective feedback, it breeds inconsistency and diminishes relationships. In fact, when performance issues go uncorrected, serious consequences occur. Productivity, safety, and quality are negatively impacted, managers and supervisors lose their effectiveness as leaders, and the issues spread. Yet many leaders do not know the most effective ways to address performance issues.


This program will help you and your team learn to forge solutions from the heat of confrontation, allowing all parties to emerge with clear understanding and full integrity.


Dan Miller’s innovative strategies for Constructive Confrontation help teams:

  • Reframe performance issues for lasting resolutions.

  • Understand the personal and organizational consequences of failing to confront performance issues.

  • Apply the constructive confrontation model to real-world issues.

  • Create a culture where issues are addressed and the practice of accountability is a standard work practice.


This program helps create lasting results, including:

  • More effective interpersonal relationships

  • Employees who resolve performance issues quickly and move forward

  • Improved business productivity


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