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Improving Team Effectiveness

Interpersonal dramas between team members and work groups reduce creativity, genius, and intuition. If left unresolved, these glitches become historic patterns as well as barriers to improving the group’s relationships and the organization’s processes. Without a shared picture of what the work group can become and the willingness to take personal ownership for their contribution to cleaning up the glitches, members remain stuck in their ineffective patterns.



Dan Miller’s innovative strategies for Improving Team Effectiveness help teams:

  • Participate in intentional discussions that
    focus on truth-telling and active listening to identify relationship / operational glitches, rattles, or gaps.

  • Identify and develop specific action strategies to clean up the glitches and rattles that keep groups unproductive.

  • Develop “request lists” to support the shifts needed to achieve the team vision.

  • Express appreciation to celebrate individual contributions and group accomplishments.


This program helps create lasting results, including:

  • Higher-performance teams with increased productivity

  • More effective interpersonal relationships

  • Increased ability to implement Continuous Improvement principles and tools

  • Increased personal and group satisfaction, creativity, and cooperation

Dan brings compassion and caring about the fundamentals of people and interaction, along with a lifetime of experience at the highest levels of organizations. He has helped our team tackle difficult issues that normally we want to shy away from. As a result, we are tackling a broad array of changes and accelerating our pace of achievements, all with a renewed sense of collaboration and teamwork.   — Oracle
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