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Personal Communication

Responding to Criticism

A message sent does not equal a message received!  The cost of poor communication is tremendous: Misunderstandings lead to waste and rework, and ultimately, relationships break down.Our ability to have conscious interactions and intentional discussions is key to elevating the quality of relationships and improving performance.


When managers and supervisors are not receptive to input, employees and coworkers quit coming to them with complaints, issues, ideas, and solutions. Yet the tendency to be reactive to feedback and get defensive is natural. At the same time, amazing things happen when we become more aware of our reactive triggers and respond to critical feedback with genuine curiosity. Uncomfortable situations

become opportunities to gain clarity and information. Individuals feel valued for their contributions. This program will help you and your team learn powerful communication methods for sending and receiving messages. Individual contributions and team results soar when members of an organization practice these skills.


Dan Miller’s innovative strategies for Personal Communication / Responding to Criticism help teams:

  • Convey clear verbal messages.

  • Choose the appropriate place and time for communicating.

  • Examine the power of nonverbal communication.

  • Practice active listening techniques.

  • Understand the principles of interpersonal neurobiology.

  • Identify reactive patterns connected to specific stimulus and make choices that create connection and understanding.


This program helps create lasting results, including:

  • Issues are resolved quickly, and personal and group effectiveness is improved when a common language facilitates your intentional discussions.

  • Continuous Improvement opportunities flourish when people can express their needs, frustrations, and ideas in a listening-rich environment.

  • Productivity is improved and errors, omissions, and rework are reduced when team members send and receive messages accurately.


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