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Proven Strategies for Improving
Safety Committee Effectiveness

Safety committees play an essential role in creating safety awareness in their work groups and organizations. Investigating accidents, identifying hazards, analyzing ergonomic risks,
and many other tasks require safety committee members to interact with their co-workers in meaningful ways. There is a direct relationship between the ability of members to send and receive safety messages and the prevention of accidents in the workplace. Understanding the human element is key to safety committee success.


Dan Miller’s Proven Strategies for Improving Safety Committee Effectiveness helps teams:

  • Examine behavior-based safety principles

  • Use the Performance Improvement Model to identify system deficiencies

  • Practice giving feedback in a way that enhances performance

  • Respond to criticism in a non-defensive way

  • Develop a safety culture that promotes mutual accountability

This component helps create lasting results, among others:

  • Increasing the percentage of safe work practices on and off the job

  • Preventing accidents, injuries, and illnesses

  • Favorably impacting the bottom line


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