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Rhythm Events

A Dan Miller rhythm event is a powerful and fun way to build team cohesiveness, create collaboration, and celebrate individuality. Creating and developing teams that interact effectively and produce efficiently is an ongoing process.


Combining his experience as a seasoned organizational development professional, accomplished percussionist, and certified rhythm event facilitator, Dan leads the exploration of team dynamics and group process using percussion instruments, drums, and movement. This playful yet powerful interactive process helps participants discover the complex interpersonal dynamics that profoundly impact work groups, families, organizations, in fact, any group.


A rhythm event can fit any situation, conference, meeting, or training. It can also be added to a keynote presentation.


Participants will:

  • Explore team building in a unique way.

  • Discover group patterns that limit creativity.

  • Fine-tune listening skills.

  • Expand individual expression.

  • Experience the four stages of group development.

  • Develop a deeper sense of community and cooperation.

  • Have fun!


“Time and again our planning team asks Dan to incorporate his percussion instruments during a workshop or general session because of the immediate way the use of music engages attendees and creates a memorable interaction at our workplace safety events.”– Sharell Lien, Conference Coordinator, Oregon OSHA
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