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Here is what Dan's clients have to say about working with him and the changes he has helped facilitate in their organizations.

"Clear Communication"
Dave Salmon, Vice President of Human Resources, Hampton Affiliates

Dan creates a learning environment that enables all learners to use the materials in practical ways. Our company’s relationships and performance have been enhanced by the clear communication that Dan has helped us learn. Our employees frequently say that that their lives at home have improved from using Dan’s concepts.

Elizabeth King, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness
ESCO Portland

Dan actively engages participants in the learning and drives home that individually they need to own the application of the work. Stir the paint, drama triangle, and accountability are now common language that we use to get to the heart of a discussion and then move forward quickly. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn with and from Dan.

"More Productive"
Jeff Dyck, President
Cascade Steel Rolling Mills

After working with Dan, we have more consciousness about relationships with peers and subordinates. Dan forces you to look inside first to make sure the problem is not with you. This equates to a more productive and engaged working environment.  Relationships from the manager to the employee have shown remarkable change.

"Stronger Than Ever"
Mike Boyko, Western Region Manager, Sulzer Pumps US

The core of the group at Rocky Mountain is now stronger and more engaged than ever.  For me, the application of Dan’s training has made me a better person—more patient, more loving, more respectful—both personally and professionally.

"No Boring Powerpoint Presentations"

Dan puts a lot of time and effort into the custom design of each session he leads; no boring Powerpoint presentations, just hands-on engagement! Dan started out as our facilitator and became part of our team, part of our family. He helped us break down barriers and build relationships to take their place.

"Universally Helpful"
Aaron Johnson
President, Sales & Service USA

I’ve had the honor of working with Dan Miller over the last ten years. I’ve repeatedly returned to Dan’s fountain of leadership to improve my skills and skills of others. With greater experience, the foundational wisdom of the lessons only becomes more apparent. When faced with a required culture shift at a new company, I again returned to Dan. When stepping through Dan’s program over the course of the last year, our leaders have learned a common language, broken down departmental walls, and inspired team throughout the organization. Our leaders have found the lessons the be universally helpful. Dan is truly world class.  I’m a better person because of Dan.


"Follow-Up System"
Peter A Glaser, PhD, and Susan R Glaser, PhD, Glaser & Associates, Inc.

More than any other HR professional, Dan Miller has created a follow-up system that has no equal. He virtually ensures that the creative innovations he helps to initiate become part of an organization’s long-term corporate culture.

"Better Aligned with My Passion"
Jathan Janove
Author, Speaker, Attorney

Because of Dan coaching, my interactions with others have much improved and I know how to avoid the traps of the “drama triangle”.  This has helped me be better aligned with my passion, skills and the needs of others. 

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