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Dan Miller’s innovative strategies in Tools for Conscious Leadership help teams:

  • Develop emotional intelligence.

  • Communicate with clarity.

  • Operate from more developed levels of self-awareness.

  • Take responsibility for what you do and say in every situation.


Tools for Conscious Leadership may be customized from the following modules to meet your training, workshop, or conference needs:



  • Learn how to recognize and shift out of the Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim positions in the drama triangle.

  • Develop strategies for stepping into healthy responsibility.

  • Explore the benefits of taking personal responsibility.


Needs-Based Communication

  • Express yourself in observational no-blame ways to reduce conflict and stay out of drama.

  • Connect with the needs and feelings of others through empathic listening.

  • Make requests connected to your needs.

  • Identify your listening filters and reactive patterns.

  • Give feedback in ways that invite others to clear up issues and move forward.



  • Learn how to make requests that form clear expectations.

  • Examine your response patterns to requests.

  • Practice how to make, keep, and change agreements.

  • Understand how to handle broken agreements.



  • Identify why we don’t express or receive appreciation.

  • Realize the transformational power of expressing genuine acknowledgment, recognition, and appreciation.


*Dan is a Hendricks Institute-certified trainer and consultant.


Tools for Conscious Leadership

Creating the best in leaders requires expanding into new behaviors and skill sets. Our ability to build relationships between people in the workplace is essential at all levels. When these relationships break down, information is withheld, immovable positions are taken, and interpersonal dramas escalate. The ability for individuals and teams to take healthy responsibility for how they show up and how they hold themselves and each other accountable is essential to sustaining organizational excellence. This program provides proven strategies to reduce drama, value human needs, and increase organizational performance. 


Drawing on the work of Dr.Stephen Karpman and the Hendricks Institute*, Dan Miller has developed a powerful set of tools for creating personal and organizational transformation. Learn to lead with intention, participate fully in every interaction, and tap into the creative resources that move individuals and organizations forward.


“Leadership is about the choices
we make each moment of each day. My concept of leadership is not about fixing the other person; it’s about taking ownership for what each of
us brings to the situation and cleaning up whatever needs to be cleaned up.”
— Dan Miller
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